Monday, October 14, 2013

Only War- House Rules

My son is running a Only War campaign for us for a while, doing a good job at it too. It's sort of interesting in some ways to see how things change from one generation to the next, what we share and want we don't.

He's not as concerned as I about having perfect rules and he's willing to accept 'The Rule of Cool' to some extent, but he also doesn't buy into the rather sloppy approach to them that characterizes modern gaming either.

The result is a small set of House Rules for Only War that I've put up on my website here. They are still a work in progress, and some vehicles will likely be uploaded tonight.

May as well make them public for others to consider or ignore as they wish.


Rob Lang said...

My son is only four, which limits the sort of roleplaying that we do together. It tends to be a little more obvious "Bash the monster" affairs, slipping in and out of LARP.

I've never considered him running a game for me, now you've put the idea into my head, I'm sort of fascinated by the idea. He isn't saddled with world experience.

Gleichman said...

Mine is 24, so we have higher expectations :)

It nice to be able to share a hobby with your children. Without something to keep the link going in today's world I think they'd just disappear...