Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Comments on the Top 25

Zachary completed his Top 25 list over on his blog. Given that the responders were mostly self-selected readers of his blog plus those pointed there by readers of his blog, the value of the result is highly limited to say the least. But I think Zachary would be willing to admit that freely.

So it was fun, nothing more. But it's not fun to fail to take it at least a little seriously...

So in that line, if it doesn't tell us much about the hobby as a whole- what does the results say about the people who self-selected themselves?

1. Many have been around a while, or have been influenced by those who have. Newer players wouldn't have heard or cared about Tunnel & Trolls (#8) or Pendragon (#15). Small print runs, almost no influence in the greater hobby. They'd say HERO System, not Champions (#9).

2. Older games far outshine newer ones in that list. All those new designs of the recent and coming years- wastes of time for these people.

3. They're a varied group with just about every type of RPG represented at one point or other except for the losers at the Forge (maybe they could claim RISUS...).

4. Except for Champions, they like really bad games :)

5. Their tastes are completely different than mine.

And that's about all I determine from the results. Anybody else see something?


Helmsman said...

Yeah. I threw in my list, I think maybe 4 of the games I mentioned even made the top 25.

Gleichman said...

Exalted is a rare taste :)

I didn't send a list, couldn't list enough games on it unless I started including those that showed me what not to do.

And I don't think that was in the spirit of the list.

Helmsman said...

Well contrary to what I'm usually spouting I do play other games, granted most of them are White Wolf, which only had one entry. I don't recall seeing WFRP, Cyberpunk 2020 only got an honorable mention. It seems to me this blog network attracts mostly D&D players around age 35+ which I'm neither.

Zachary The First said...

*But I think Zachary would be willing to admit that freely.*

Yes he would. :)

rpgcharacters said...

Footnote: although I didn't vote for it, I played a Pendragon campaign with basically a 3.5 D&D group last year. They chose the game and ran it - there was a new edition released in the past four years of that particular game.

kelvingreen said...

WFRP is on there, number sixteen.

Gleichman said...

It would have been interesting to know the age breakdown as well as the results.