Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Future of Roleplaying

I'll toss my two cents into this month's RPG Blog Carnival, a cute little thing where one answers a list of questions. Basically just hot air as we're not the movers and shakers, but here we go for what it's worth:

What games do you see emerging as the big players in the near future?

Same ones that have been the big players for the last 30 years. D&D, and some mix of those companies that have lived in its shadow for decades.

Oh there might be something new that comes along. But I wouldn't bet money on it- or I'd be publishing my own game line.

What companies should we be watching out for to release the next big product?

Next one for me will be HERO 6th edition, however 'big' here isn't good. I expect it to break the system and result in the downfall of that company. I hope someone good buys what's left.

How will technology become more integrated into roleplaying games?

I don't see anything significant on this front, i.e. nothing more than some growth of what we already have.

I don't play these games for their technology, and until technology can adapt as a fast as I can- it just can't keep up with me.

What industry writer do we need to be on the look out for?

Steve Long, for the evil to a classic system he's about to do.

What blogs do you see exploding into becoming the next big thing?

No idea really. Whatever one it is, it will likely be D&D focused for that's where the readers are. Imagine the Old School blogs will still do well- because they're still D&D focused.

This one will be barely noticed if noticed at all, just like it is now.

What do you see for the future of the industry?

Slow decline in sales and in number of players as game designers continue to lose touch with what people want in gaming.

My own games will continue on as they have.


Mad Brew said...

Isn't the 6th edition of HERO that is coming out?

Regardless, I haven't heard much about what they are planning with the new edition. I've been reading the last edition, refreshing myself with the system, and I like what I'm reading.

And hey, I notice you (though I guess that isn't really saying much).

Gleichman said...

You are of course correct, fixed my typo in the article.

Helmsman said...

For someone who actually takes the time to write a gaming blog you seem awfully pessimistic about the future of the hobby you choose to write about. I for one anticipate some excellent progress in various areas of the hobby, gaming as a whole is on the rise, which means more people are identifying themselves as gamers. Maybe TT gaming won't be the norm but players moving from MMO's to a venue that they can have more control in will contribute to the industry and stimulate growth.

Samuel Van Der Wall said...

Sounds like a pretty bleak view of the future for roleplaying.

I do agree with you on the next big companies though. I figure that D&D-esque games will remain on the top. As Mad Brew pointed out, Paizo is gaining some pretty good ground but really they are just a D&D off-shoot. World of Darkness, Shadowrun, and Call of Cthulhu are really the only games that I've seen make many leaps and bounds over the last decade or so that isn't a D&D-based game.

Zachary The First said...

What's going on with Hero 6th? Is it going to be that bad? What's changing for the worse?

Jeff Rients said...

What blogs do you see exploding into becoming the next big thing?Was that actually a serious question? Sheesh.

Gleichman said...

@Helmsman: I'm somewhat known for being... as I call it realistic. I've been in the hobby well over 35 years now, and I base my projections of the future on the past.

I don't do rpgs because I think they'll take the world by storm. I do rpgs because I like doing them, no matter how the world reaction to them or to me.

@Zachary The First: I likely should make a longer post on 6th edition. But the short version is that Steve Long has stated that he has full control this time to change the system (he was much more limited when doing 5th) and that he intends to so so.

Given my opinion of what he did change in 5th, this is not good IMO.

You can see some of his early ideas here:

@Jeff Rients: Yeah, "self-important much?" was my first thought.

Zachary The First said...

@gleichman: Thanks for the link!

I'll have my "Future of Gaming" post up tomorrow. :)

Gleichman said...

Looking forward to your post Zachary, we can then have a knifefight over any disagreements :)

Zachary The First said...

Of course! I don't think it'll be any too far out there, but I'm not one to let that stand in the way of a good knife fight. :)